If you'd like to download any ringtone, simply click on the name of the ringtone above the black playback rectangle.

  • If the ringtone abruptly ends, then it is a loopable ringtone.
  • All of these are compatible with Android OS phones.
  • Most of the ringtones are 30 seconds or less and should work with Apple's restriction on ringtone length. The web page for some unknown reason is showing their time as more than it is with some of these gems.
  • Here's a link to a tutorial for IOS9 (should work for IOS7 & 8) on how to convert my mp3 ringtones to an iPhone compatible format: How to set any song as iPhone ringtone. You can skip the part about changing the length of the song, all my ringtones are within the length requirements for iPhone ringtones.
  • If you have an issue with any of these ringtones, please go to my contact page and tell me what's up.

New!!! Ringtone - Toy Soldier Revolt

New!!! Ringtone - Erhu Oude My Mother?

New!!! Ringtone - Farfisa Country

Ringtone - Modulation Man

Ringtone - What I Wanted

Ringtone - Cramming Cramer

Ringtone - Coach Teeling

Ringtone - Downtown Bound

Ringtone - Dealing With IT

Ringtone - Tull Shuffle

Ringtone - Boss Man

Ringtone - Carlos Sent Me

Ringtone - Diamonds

Ringtone - It's Better

Ringtone - Charlie Rows

Ringtone - 'Bama's In

Ringtone - Book'em Danno

Ringtone - Oh, Dudley!

Ringtone - Bela's Past

Ringtone - Sonic Run

Ringtone - Drinks By The Pool

Ringtone - House Of Dan (must be looped or it just doesn't sound right)

Ringtone - Jim Jensen's Back

Ringtone - Jungle Jim

Ringtone - It Is What It Is

Ringtone - The Last Level

Ringtone - Hamster Bus

Oh, and come back soon, there'll be more...