From time to time I'm inspired to write a song or theme as it were for someone or thing that has caught my imagination. From shows on Leo Laporte's TWIT network to a pig in Minecraft; I've employed my songwriter's pen in service of the nerd ethos.

So give a click and listen and see if you don't start singing along. 

GAT Theme(s) - commissioned by Doug Houghton, this collection of original themes is suggestive of Nintendo and Castlevania tuneage with a bit of Lynyrd Skynyrd at the end.

Goggins - written for Jerry Trainor while he was participating in the Project Lore podcast.


My Doge Is Everything - the title says it all...Available on iTunes

Rick McLightning - inspired by Seananner's episode 14 of Welcome to Minecraft.

Schnoobins - inspired by Alex Albrecht's character in World Of Warcraft as seen in the Project Lore podcast.

Pylo The Pylon - inspired by Husky Starcraft's YouTube channel. Available on iTunes.

Lyle Lovett - yet another character from Project Lore. Check out the bad pun near the end.

The Legend of K.O. Han - inspired by the exploits of Nahxela on the Monster Hunter Podcast. Available on iTunes.