Well, Well, Well...

In my last post, I had said that it was imperative that I work on music at least 30 minutes a day. Well, as soon as I said that, I let the Imperial Entanglements take over, accompanied with a sense of hopelessness. So, instead of working at least 30 minutes a day, I didn't work on music at all for many days at a time.

This anti-productive behavior is very peculiar and it is not the first time that this has happened in my life. In fact, I'd say that it happens a great deal. You may have found yourself in a similar situation with diets or New Years resolutions.

What can be done to counter this behavior? If I was a drill sergeant, I'd simply say: "Stop staring at your navel, recruit, and get your ass in the trenches!!!". If I was a psychotherapist I'd say "What was it for you that you chose to not abide your commitments?" and if it was my father, he'd say: "This above all, to thine one self be true."

All of these help, I guess, but what occurs to me is that I was more in love with the idea of being upset than actually accomplishing something. The little twang of angst that hits the pit of my stomach can be very exciting at times and gives an energetic pay-off to which I've become somewhat addicted.

How do I turn this around?

  1. Acknowledge that this is what I'm doing. (psychotherapist)
  2. Recommit to my true desire to be a successful musician. (father)
  3. And get to work! (drill sergeant)

Ok, now that I've just done that in my blog, I've also done it in real life, hence, I'm going to work on music.