Allo, everybody! I thought I'd give my thinking on various topics in the music world.

This world that I mention is so huge that I am certain that I will not restrict myself to just popular music or just my music or anything else for that matter. Music is a subject, a force of nature, if you will, that occupies my mind most of the time. Whereas, studies have said that men think about sex very 5 seconds or so, well, replace that with music and you'll be describing yours truly. Not that the aforementioned subject doesn't enter my mind quite often too.  As many of my younger friends state: I can multi-task!

Music is something that I hold in extremely high regard. I tend to appreciate artists who feel the same about their creations. It is rarely that I enjoy or even give the time of day to an 'artist' that uses outside trappings such as sex or extreme style to promote their music. This includes the hipster notion of intentionally NOT being mainstream. The downfall of their approach is that this has become so popular that they actually ARE mainstream, hence defeating their original purpose for existence.

No, my loves in the music world are for the most part old-school. And when I say that, I really mean "Old School". Bands like the Beatles, CCR, Steely Dan, Yes, Jethro Tull and more form the basic structure of my musical tastes. Although there are bands from the 80's, 90's and the new century that I like a great deal, the roots of my leanings are based in the late 60's and early to mid 70's. This, of course, makes perfect sense since that is when I was in my tween to teenage years, the time one might say is the truly formative period in a young adult's musical leanings.

Upon reflection, I must say that I am very thankful to have been born at a time when such greats as the Beatles, the Stones, Queen, Pink Floyd and many more had come to be the top of the heap. When I hear others younger than me revel in the 'greatness' of bands such as Dexy Midnight Rangers, Banana-Rama, Flock of Seaguls; I feel sorry for them having been born at a time when their gestational influences were paltry in comparison to the bumper crop of my era. Trust me, I am happy that they have strong loves of music from their period, but I truly feel that they were given short shrift with regard to their impressed exposure.

If I sound like a snob, then so be it. I do believe that time will bear my opinions out and to a great extent already has. Although this does sound like a Yankee fan pulling rank on a St. Louis Cardinal fan. There's no question that the fan of the New York team has many world records to support their stance, this does not mean that proponents of differing views don't have a good point - it's just not AS good.

If I have turned you off already, then I apologize. I encourage you to post your differing comments on my page. I am a fond proponent of a hearty debate made with substantiated points and respectful retorts. What I do not like and what I will not abide is the negative, derisive gainsaying of trolls. Their comments will most assuredly be deleted.

That being said, I hope to hear from you folks who read this. Music is a great topic for discussion, debate and joyful reflection. And I look forward to all of us expressing ourselves in such a way that our appreciation for the greatest art ever created will ever increase.


Rob Houghton