I'm going to change gears a bit in this posting, and talk about the creative process. Although this will be about writing music, I believe that artists other than musicians will find what I have to say applicable.

Attachments...things that we've created that we have fallen in love with. In and of themselves, to us, the creator, they are beautiful, sublime, transcendent and destined to be enjoyed by others for years to come.  Unfortunately, many times these little 'gems' don't fit well into the original scheme of what we're working on. They stand out like a man in tuxedo at a pool party, they are as useful as a sledgehammer when you're folding a beautifully intricate origami figure. Yet we try our hardest to force these "consummate expressions of our inner selves" into songs or compositions often to the detriment of the larger piece.

What are we to do with these beautifully useless nuggets of musical gold? The answer is: LET THEM GO! Yes, discard them and go back to the drawing board. Put your 'phrase for all time' back on the shelf for use another time and find something that works. The form, structure and nuance of a piece is dependent upon how the parts work together. And you've got to keep that in the front of your brain when working on a song or composition. What is your intention, your seed of thought that brought your song into being? Are the trappings of your creation in line with that kernel of thought? If not, you've got to let it go, as much as it pains you, you've got to drop it.! Now put it down I said!!!

If you've never done this before, it may seem completely against your intuition to discard something on which you've worked so hard. Once you've done it, though, you'll begin to see with greater clarity what your song or piece is all about.

Give this a try but remember to always save those nuggets in some form. Very often they're just another song or composition waiting to bloom at another time.